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We recognise that every organisation wants and needs great people to succeed. Our recruitment expertise within core sectors ensures we put relationship management and market leading talent acquisition at the centre of what we do. Through our partnered approach iKonnect delivers solutions that add real time value across a range of sectors and industries.

We acknowledge the importance of being flexible and evolving our client proposition constantly to suit the ever changing demands which ensures we provide the best possible service.

Working with us
  • We will take time to understand your needs and how you want us to deliver
  • We will advise you on how to approach your needs
  • We will put timeframes in place
  • We will advise on salary ranges
  • We will provide ongoing progress reports so you know exactly what we have done
  • We will support you onsite throughout the interview process
  • We will meet you throughout the process to understand the dynamics of what you are looking for
  • We will advise you on points that require flexibility

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